Celebrating Lynn's 16 years of service at Citizens Advice Barnet

Lynn Mathias’ journey with Citizens Advice Barnet spans an impressive 16 years, marked by dedication and commitment to serving our community. We wanted to share her story to thank her for her many years of service.

Originally it was a friend who recommended Lynn work at Citizens Advice Enfield; this was the start of her career within the Citizens Advice network, and which ultimately led her to the role of supervisor here in Barnet.

Reflecting on her journey, Lynn said: “I started volunteering when my kids were in primary school. I wanted something meaningful but flexible, and Citizens Advice seemed like a perfect fit.”

In an era where paper records were the norm, Lynn witnessed the organisation’s transition to computer-based systems, adapting to modern challenges along the way.

“When I started, everything was done on paper. By the time I joined Barnet, we had shifted to computerised systems, which streamlined our work but also added complexity,” she recalled.


Over the years, Lynn has observed a consistency in the issues clients face, with benefits and debt remaining prevalent concerns. However, she noted a marked increase in complexity of the welfare system and everything in between.

“The pressure on clients has intensified. Everything is computerised now, and the paperwork can be overwhelming, especially for those with limited English proficiency,” Lynn said.



Despite the challenges, Lynn has found a great deal of fulfilment in her role, particularly in mentoring volunteers.

“Working with volunteers is energising. Seeing them grow and tackle complex issues is immensely rewarding,” she said.

Her background in IT and problem-solving skills have proven invaluable in guiding volunteers through casework intricacies.

Encouraging others to follow in her footsteps she said: “Volunteering at Citizens Advice is a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth. I’d encourage anyone interested to give it a try.”

So what does life after Citizens Advice Barnet look like for Lynn? She says she is looking forward to indulging her passion for gardening and spending quality time with her grandchildren.


Thank you

Her departure will undoubtedly leave a void but we wish her all the best in her retirement. We’d like to acknowledge her contributions to Citizens Advice Barnet and the profound impact she has had on countless lives. Thank you Lynn!