Research and Campaigns

What we’ve achieved

Some of our recent local campaigns have led to local social landlords working more closely with their tenants who are in rent arrears, to avoid eviction; and helping the housing benefit department streamline their process for awarding discretionary housing payments.

We rely on our work with our clients – all of whom either live, work or study in Barnet – to undertake this work and to identify new issues to campaign on.

As part of London Challenge Poverty Week, we shared some of our research on redundancy and discrimination. These reports are still available, just click the buttons below.

Citizens Advice Barnet in the News!

As a charity we have a vested interest in the local community, and our staff and volunteers work round the clock to improve the lives of people in Barnet.

Below we include articles we have featured in recently. These highlight the amazing work of all our team, and shed light on the complex and challenging situations faced by members of the community on a daily basis