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We offer advice by email to those who live, work or study in Barnet, Monday to Friday, and aim to get back to you by email within 24-48 hours. If you do not live, work or study in Barnet please contact your local Citizens Advice which you can find here. For email advice, we will normally advise you via email. 

Please note we can only accept self-referrals  ie. you need to submit an email advice form about issues regarding your problem. We cannot accept email advice requests on this form from third parties, sent in with a clients details if the client has not sent in the email themselves.

We do not accept referrals on this form, if you work for a third party organisation please use this referral form (for other local Citizens Advice offices please use the task list, if this is full then you will need to refer the next day via the task list).

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Everything you tell us will be treated in absolute confidence and all records are stored securely. See Privacy Policy for more information.

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